Look Back

social app | instagram integration

Instagram is great, but the search functionality is lacking. Look Back makes exploring faster and more fun. Our two-picture-wide format allows you to see more photos fast. It's great for following interesting topics, laughing at memes, and seeing photos from past and current events. Check it out!

Client: University of Miami

website | social app

The University of Miami ("The U") asked us to create a site for their #FullSpeedAhead campaign. We ended up with a unique website/social app that showcases fan tweets, features rich video content, and timelines important events along the past 2.5 years in Miami Football athletics.

Client: Ask-the-Dr

website | video

Ask-the-Dr came to us with a large amount of content but no way to effectively portray it in under 5 minutes. We took their content, filtered it out for the most important information, created a script, storyboarded it, and then animated it into something people could understand.

Client: Snack Pack Math

iOS application

Brainiapps came to us with an idea to teach kids math in a fun and engaging way. After weeks of hard work, we ended up with something we're extremely proud of. The kids really love it.

Client: SureQuote


SureQuote came to us with a huge challenge. The were migrating from an affiliate marketing approach to a direct to consumer approach. We developed a new website for them to make their transition easy and successful.

Client: IStandWithTheU

web application | promotional materials

We created a University of Miami logo from twitter avatars. The avatars are from people who are talking about The U on twitter. We also created a timeline that aggregates all the tweets into an auto-refreshing, easy to use, game-time companion.

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